Continental Industries, Inc. is one of the arctic’s leading manufacturers of modular buildings, and the only lower 48 manufacturer to build exclusively for the Alaska.  Our total commitment to arctic needs is evident in the superior quality of our structures, built to exceed Alaska state construction standards for insulation, structural integrity, and durability.  We have been active in bush construction for since 1989 and can include sales in communities throughout Western Alaska. 

Our buildings feature many state of the art technologies including super energy efficient foam core structural panels, central heat recovery ventilation systems with air filtration and humidity controls, whole unit surge suppression systems (to save computers and other expensive electronic equipment from unstable power), adjustable pier foundation systems, commercial grade carpet and vinyl, top of the line GE appliances, grip strut metal stairs and landings, oversized coat hooks, short plumbing and electrical runs with hidden, easy access panels (so you don’t have to destroy walls to make simple electrical and plumbing repairs), and much, much more!

Our website provides links to some sample floor plans and specifications sheets.  When you decide to proceed, we can customize your plan with hundreds of options for cabinets, appliances, paint, countertop, carpet, vinyl, and even furniture to make your new structure as comfortable as possible.  We are glad to make changes to our plans, and our engineering and architectural staff can provide you with 3-D walk through drawings, so you can see just how the changes would actually feel.  

 There are in fact many possible configurations of our structures, and we are glad to tailor one to fit you budget.  As you can see in the attached specifications our buildings are sold complete, and no upgrades are required.  Our prices do assume that your site, as provided, is cleared, leveled, easily accessible, with a suitable sand or gravel base.  Feel free to contact one of our consultants with your site specific questions.

All our structures can be built to ACHP 5 star plus or six star standards, the highest available in Alaska, and we have more of these ratings than any other builder in the state.  Continental Industries is proud of our good name, and will always work hard to keep our customers satisfied.  Feel free to call us with any questions; you can reach us at (360) 886-9933.  We look forward to working with you soon.